मेरा रेप हुआ था!

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मेरा रेप हुआ था!
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Praveen Varshikar
To avoid this type of incidents , society starts sex education from suitable age and give their side effects too. Accept gender equality and give suitable direction to Sex drive through creative ways.
Swarn Lata Purohit
Dhruv mani Tiwari
सच मे दिल की बात लब्जों में लिख दिया आपने
Usman Charora
सोचों जरूर
Jhaanvi Dubey
very nice
Sunand Sharma
If Rajeev already have video then why he commit suicide, it's strange.. Message is nice but nothing new, we already saw same message in few movies and ofcouse crime petrol.. With your caliber,we are looking for some fresh ideas, I hope you will take my feedback in positive manner as we all are having too many expectations from you..
Satwant Kaur
Seekh deti hui kahani.Jai ho
Khushi Singh
best story
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