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KHOOBSURATI is the story of a person who prefers beauty above all in his life. Akhil Khanna is starting his carrier as a Football player. He is very famous because of his good game and good personality. Things are not going so well for him, both before marriage and after marriage. He have great plan for his life but what he does not realize is just how unprepared he is for the plan of life.
Sjl Patel
Davinder Kumar
कहानी अच्छी है जीवन की परेशानियों को अच्छी तरह से उकेरा गया है
Anand Jha
What a great subject
bhut hi achi story
Manisha Sharma
maza aa gya very interesting story
Vibhor Gaur
overall the story is nice but there are lots of loopholes in the story telling idea.... like, the disputes of 1 year long cannot be short out in just one night discussion with your own shadow... Matthias the story is eye catching and I could not stop myself without reading whole start to finish
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