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सविता ने अंकल जी वाला रूम खोला ..... और देखा तो हैरान रह गई पैरों तले ज़मीन धंसने लगी हो जैसे..... और चक्कर आने लगे । यकायक सविता ने...
Abhishek Jain
Your pen is going good. it's too difficult to come out with word through your thoughts. Every one have their thinking but not every one have courage to convert it into words. You did it very well keep it up. This story seem and so identical with a real story. A boy who was pursuing CA final and his girl friend was also. they were in love and relationship too. Girl become CA first and boy was fighting only for 4 papers of final exam. Girl got a job in listed company and simultaneously boy in a big firm. But creation was different, now both are in different cities. Soon girl got a good position, name-fame and high salary in company, she had a another love there who is also a senior CA. She promised to both to marry. after one year first boy ask for marriage, she refused and said to complete her study first. At the same time a friend of boy open her second love story. 'Revenge have no synonyms' so he called to her second love with so many evidences. Second day Girl went to police station and file a F.I.R against him. All news papers cover this with his PP size photo and charges too. Four months later she compromises in court because she knew if trial took place in court, the case might be against her. Boy loosed his job and financial crisis. He left every thing. His family admitted him in mental hospital. Now he is good thank god. Climax- Boy is still single and he warned to girl to marry.
Nikhil Kaushik
Gazab ka lik hte ho Surya Bhai
Kiran Bhatt
isme ek jagha pr gadwali ka dailog bhi ha
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